Friday, May 7, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "Glory to God"

It's so easy to accept thanks and accolades for your good deeds. But, when is praise a problem?

Before I carry on, please let me say that I don't believe there's anything wrong with accepting thanks and praise for a job well done as well as rewards for your efforts.

I believe that the problem isn't in accepting the praise; however, it's in accepting the glory.

Graciously receiving praise is one thing. Taking the glory for it is a whole other story.

You are allowed to do the things you do because the God of the Universe has mercy on you and showers you with grace. You are His Beloved and He wants to see you succeed and live a happy life. All He asks is that you give credit where credit is due. He deserves the credit and glory for every good thing in your life.

Have you ever heard the song "Blessed Be Your Name?" In that song, the listener is encouraged to praise God for every blessing. In a bountiful garden, in a desolate desert, even if you don't feel like dancin' and shoutin'... no matter your circumstances, there is always room to praise, bless and glorify God!

At every moment of every day, there is something to praise God about and give Him the glory for the awesome things He has done! When you praise and thank God for what He has done... you are glorifying His name. When you receive praise and accolades, you turn back and praise God for that. That's how He gets the glory. When "you" accomplish something grand (for some of us, that could have been just getting out of bed this morning : ) ... turn back and praise God! Give Him the glory for the great things He hath done!!!

By the power, grace and mercy of God you make it through your day and accomplish the things you do. It's not on your own power.

Give glory where glory is due... to God!

Stop, Drop and Pray for your fellow companions. While you're at it, tell God why He is so wonderful and glorify Him.

I just love how Beth Moore is taking each benefit and obstacle one by one... day by day in our Breaking Free journey. I pray that you can camp out on each lesson, each day. Concentrate on one item at a time.

Today, spend a whole lotta time sending the glory heavenward as you remember the wonderful things He has done and is doing in your life. While you're praying, give Him a little glory for what He's gonna do, too!

As you make a habit of glorifying Him, I have no doubt that He will reveal His glory to you more and more and your relationship with Him will grow more deeply.