Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "Walk Humbly"

Today, as I read Chapter 9 of Breaking Free, the phrase "walk humbly with your God" kept popping into my mind. I could not shake those words, so I looked them up when I got downstairs to the computer.

They are words from the Bible and found in Micah 6:8. This is the NKJV version:

"He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?"

I also like this version of Micah 6:8 from The Message:

"But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don't take yourself too seriously — take God seriously."

I have to admit, when I hear the word "humble" I often don't have a solid definition or picture of what that means. So, I looked that up as well. According to When used as a verb with an object, it means "to destroy the independence, power, or will of."

Wow, that really shook things up! So, in the case that humble is the verb and I am the object, I'm supposed to destroy my independence and power and selfish will.

Here's how a sentence using that definition might look...

Shelly needs to be humble.

Here's the sentence I'd like to replace that one with...

Shelly walks humbly with her God.

Please Stop, Drop and Pray for me as well as your fellow companions. I know I'm gonna need some help rolling this boulder off of my path!