Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "Take a Break"


Due to the responses I've received via e-mail and comments, it is becoming more and more evident that many of us need some more time with Part 3 of our study.

It is usually a difficult thing to look back at your past and survey the places of deep frustration, hurt, and mistakes. It is very important, though, that we do this in a nonjudgmental way so that we may invite forgiveness and healing into our lives. It is also important to recognize the things that keep us in bondage so that we may be set free.

As scheduled, we will take a break from May 28 - May 31. On Tuesday June 1st, we will resume our study; and, June 1 - June 3 will be our final discussion of Chapters 13-22 before continuing on our journey.

Please take time between now and June 3rd to read or reread any portions from Chapters 13-22, answer the study questions, and take a good look at your life.

If you stumble upon a little resistance or frustration, try to push through the pain. If, however, you are meeting extreme resistance and frustration... you may want to seek the help of wise counsel and/or a spiritual director to help you work through the rough spot.

Sometimes, just writing about the problem will help you sort out the pain. Feel free to post anonymous comments to this blog and/or to contact me via e-mail if you just need to let off some steam.

I am praying for you as you continue to survey your past and learn from it. This is usually not an easy thing to, but the rewards are well worth it.

Stop, Drop and Pray for your fellow companions and for yourself. God makes this process so much easier if we depend on Him for help. I suggest prayer as your first line of help.

See you Tuesday!