Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Part 5 ~ Chapter 37

I believe that different aspects of God's love have greater meaning at different times in our lives.


Based on discussion question #4 in the back of the book, I'd like to ask you this question today:

Right now, what aspect of God's love means the most to you? Why?

Leadership, Salvation, Mercy, Comfort, Defense, Other

For me, it's definitely mercy at the moment. I have been overwhelmed by His mercy and Fatherly Love lately. It means so much to me that God looks at me with the eyes of a Loving Father and has mercy on my soul!

No matter where you've come from, no matter what you've done, you can trust God to forgive every sin and redeem you from the pit in which you live.

Sweet Mercy!

Stop, Drop and Pray. Thank the Lord today!