Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part 6 ~ Chapter 39

Wow, what a lesson! I have to admit, my brain hurts a little from trying to absorb and hold onto every single truth and tool displayed in the reading.

This is yet another chunk of our study I'll want to go back and review long after our journey together ends.

This chapter has me flipping back to Ephesians 6: I'm specifically looking at verses 10-18 that describe "the whole armor of God."

What would happen if you got up every morning and, before anything else, put on the whole armor of God?

While I'm not asking you to share private information, I do encourage you to give serious thought to the discussion questions on page 286 for this chapter. If you feel led to share, please do so. Someone may need to hear your story.

Consider strongholds in your life, how they gain strength, how your insecurities feed them, and the excuses and/or reasons you use for not taking these strongholds captive to Christ (paraphrased questions from page 286).

I pray that you experience the transforming power of God as you face these issues head on, fully clothed in the garments He has provided you with for battle.