Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Part 4 ~ Chapter 29

Today, I was bathed in truth as I read Chapter 29 which completes the list of 6 characteristics of rebellion.

While I think we can all identify with every aspect at one time or another, which one do you most identify with now (at this time in your life)?

For me it's #6. I have been running from the real answers (truth) to several big questions in the recent past. Now, you can chalk this up to a need for control (anybody?) or just plain ole disobedience (you, too?). Perhaps even fear? (Um... hmm!). I'm sure there are other reasons I didn't want to look at the truth that's been staring me in the face.

Regardless, there comes a time when you have to face the truth... even if it hurts.

The why/reason is what I had to give to God.

I am finding that actually bringing myself to face and accept the truth is the hard part. But, if I trust in God to handle the rest, there is peace instead of pain. Now, don't get me wrong... facing tough/scary/real situations is rarely completely peaceful and painless. Nobody said it would be easy; however, when I'm walking in truth and facing reality... God's presence flies over me like a dove and leaves me with the peace that passes understanding.

If I do my part (the letting go), God ALWAYS does His part (taking care of the rest)!

When I let go and let God, there is peace. The circumstances may still exist, but I am free from the bondage in which they once kept me. God carried the load and lifts it off my shoulders.

Sweet Mercy!!! Praise God for Liberty!!!

I would love to hear your answers to the study questions. Primarily, why do you think we run from the real answers?