Sunday, June 20, 2010

Part 6 ~ Chapter 42

This is another "WOW" chapter for me and one that I'll refer to frequently! The final illustration to "bow thought to the truth" (Beth Moore page 246) completes the extreme makeover I described in the last post.

With vibrant paint and/or updated wallpaper in hand, lovingly apply truth to the primed walls of your soul. When truth covers the walls, your thoughts become captive. * Remember the 1st illustration Beth Moore describes on page 243? The skeleton figure was captive. And, in the last illustration (page 246), the thoughts are captive.

Stepping back and allowing God to do a holy makeover in your mind takes you from "Captive" to "Captor." Hallelujah!

The last paragraph on page 248 is one that I encourage you do highlight and/or copy and post somewhere you'll see it often. It is the study of our last couple chapters in one paragraph. It is a great reminder on how to renew your mind.

What are your thoughts on renewing the mind? Is this something you struggle with or do you have some tools/tips you could pass on to the rest of us? Please do, share!