Monday, April 19, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "I Have Heard You Calling"

And, yes, it was "in the night!"

Frequently, I wake up in the middle of the night (well, technically very early morning) and feel like God wants to spend time with me. Lately, I have not had that feeling as often.

There are times I get up and go to our upper room (room set aside for sacred time with God) and pray and spend time with God: There are other times I just shut my eyes and pray that I fall back asleep.

This morning, at 3:42am, I woke up and I was wide awake. I didn't feel that there was any way I'd be going back to sleep any time soon.

I felt like God wanted to spend time with me.

I felt like I didn't want to get up.

I felt like God had something to say to me.

I felt like I wanted Him to wait and tell me later.

I felt God gently wooing me to a still, quiet place.

I felt I had not had enough beauty sleep to go there.

Then, I felt a song enter my spirit...

"Yes, Lord yes, to your will and to your way. Yes, Lord yes, I will trust you and obey. When your spirit speaks to me, with my whole heart I'll agree. And, my answer will be yes, Lord, yes!"

I have not thought or heard about that song in I can't tell you how long.

I was raised from the bed!

Okay, not literally raised... but I did rise on my own will! : )

I could not deny the gentle, sweet Spirit of God. I could not bear to be disobedient and miss the blessing.

* I'm not always the sweet little angel mentioned above. ; ) There have been PLENTY of times that I disobeyed and bore the pain and inconvenience associated with such rebellion.

Anyway, I obeyed this time and God had a sweet surprise waiting for me in the upper room.

Tucked away in a corner all our own at 4ish am (I did manage to snag water, a banana and a bathroom break... plus there was all that arguing that I did), God and I had and early breakfast together.

I bet you can't guess the topics I found in the devotional, bible study book and book my pastor friend loaned me. They're all unrelated in title and physical place from which they came. I was drawn to all 3 of them separately, but they each had the same message...



The story continues on our journey!

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  1. If only we would learn to trust and obey Him every single time he nudges our hearts to do so! I love when He works in different ways to speak clearly to us. What a wonderful blessing you received. Love that!!!

  2. Hi Shelly-- thanks for leaving me a comment. I hope you enjoy the writing and speaking books and I pray that you receive Divine inspiration in getting creative in funding your conference costs! He will provide but sometimes He requires action on our part!! I am going to post about this on Thursday, as a matter of fact. Keeping checking back on my blog for the next two days as I will be continuing to post on this subject.

  3. Oh Shelly, I loved this post of how God is calling you to trust and obey.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I pray the Lord will make a way for you to attend She Speaks...and I can't wait to meet you!!!