Monday, June 14, 2010

Part 5 ~ Chapter 36

"Belief is not a feeling. It's a choice."

What a statement! I know I'm guilty of sitting around and waiting for myself to fully believe when the power has been "in my head" all along. The mind is a part of the soul, so the ability to believe rests within the soul (mind, will and emotions). It's not something that just happens: You have to be willing to believe.

Have you ever been sick for so long that you forgot what being well felt like?

I certainly have.

In fact, I've been sick for so long that I have (at times) believed I would never get better. Talk about unbelief!

This chapter reminds me that we are made of 3 parts: Soul, Spirit and Body

Every part affects each other.

I believe it's possible for unbelief (or any other "soul sickness") to manifest itself in our spirit and/or body. Along the same lines, when our physical body is sick our spirit and soul are affected.

When you feel sick, try to examine all aspects of your self.

You may find that the real, deep rooted problem is something you never thought possible.

p.s. I'm finding that it's often difficult to keep these posts short. ; ) There is so much to glean from each chapter. Feel free to discuss any aspect of your reading and/or answers to study questions in the comments section below.


  1. No need to keep your posts short! They are great! I do not identify with the physical illness analogy, but can with sadness/depression. Sometimes you don't even realize how unhappy you are, until you glimpse it- even just a speck of joy. I am enjoying this study and what it is putting in my heart and in my life.

  2. JBM, thanks for that sweet encouragement. I often find myself "running away with words," but sometimes that's exactly what I need to do/what God wants me to do.

    I find myself apologizing for it a lot... trying to get a grip there! : )

    Now, don't get me wrong... there is a time to be silent as well ; )

    I am so glad you're here... walking this journey! Your words inspire me and remind me to breathe : )