Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Part 6 ~ Chapter 38

As we turn the page to begin Part 6, I'm sad to know that we're near the end of our journey together. What makes me smile, though, is that we are on our way to freedom and living the life God intends for us!

I hope you are smiling today!

On the first page of Chapter 38, I am thrilled to find out that we will be working on developing a steadfast mind.

I believe that being transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2) is one of the very first steps to take in drawing closer to God.

Some of you have heard me "preach this sermon" before. If you have, please review. If this is your 1st time hearing it, please absorb the rich truth.

We are made of 3 parts: Soul (mind, will and emotions), Sprit (heart) and Body (physical self).

I believe, that in order to become whole and fit, one must begin in the soul and make up his/her mind to change. It's also important to develop a steadfast mind so that your renewed mind can be firm and unwavering on the truth. You can work on your physical structure all year long and develop a heart of gold, but if you're not in your right mind, you may quickly fall prey to the enemy.

This is serious stuff.

Our minds are a battlefield and spiritual warfare is constantly being waged over our heads (Ephesians 6:12).

While I could take up hours of your time talking about all of this, I encourage you to research God's Word for the truth and talk to a pastor who has studied this topic extensively. I am still learning, but I'll be happy to share my knowledge with you as well.

The truth will set you free (John 8:32).

* Now, I typed all that after reading just the first page (2 paragraphs) of Chapter 38 ; ), so, you can probably imagine how much I have to say on this topic. : )

I'll try to let Beth Moore and God do most of the talking, but I'd like to add a few "Amens":

"Few biblical subjects are more controversial than spiritual warfare and the battlefield of the mind" (page 222).

"He will give us perfect peace in our imperfect minds" (page 223).

"Just as surely as the kingdom of God prospers when we are steadfast in Him, so our own hears and minds benefit" (page 223).

I pray that you rest in Him today and use His word as your pillow. ; )

p.s. While I can't remember the exact day, I do remember warning you about satan trying to keep you from a particular section. This is another one. I have no doubt that the enemy will try everything in his power to keep you from completing this section of our study. Don't give in to the enemy! Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)!


  1. I absolutely believe in spiritual warfare, and I know we must battle against Satan and his lies!!!! I am doing catch up on my daily readings, but there are so many great things in several of the chapters about this!

  2. I agree! I've learned so much more about spiritual warfare from doing this study. God is good!