Saturday, June 19, 2010

Part 6 ~ Chapter 41

This is the concept, in my own words, that I walked away with from Chapter 41:

Allow God to do an amazing makeover in your mind (soul). You start the process by stripping the walls of your mind that are covered in layers and layers of leaded paint (ie, toxic thoughts) and/or 80's wallpaper (ie, ancient thoughts that keep you plastered in an era of sin).

Now, if you need help, just ask God to empower you with the Holy Spirit at work in you. He will do it!

Do not leave the walls of your mind bare. It is imperative that you not procrastinate; however, you must move on quickly to the next step.

Then, prime the walls of your mind with the TRUTH! This is a simple, yet often overlooked step. Pick up the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God), search for the truth, and apply it liberally.

Next, DO NOT allow the enemy to go shopping with you for the new paint and/or wallpaper. If you let satan pick out the colors and/or pattern, it will look good in the store. BUT, when you get it home you'll realize you made a big mistake. I can promise you anything he picks out will not look good in that beautifully renewed, perfectly primed soul of yours.

*** If you fall prey to the enemy while searching for new wall coverings, a refund is just a prayer away. You don't even have to go back to the store. Just get on your knees. God will honor your refund request with or without a receipt. Sweet Mercy!

Finally, apply a fresh coat of vibrant paint or that updated wallpaper...
it sounds like we'll be covering (ha... pun intended instead of deleted) that step in the next chapter. ; )

I am so full of love and freedom this morning! I hope and pray you are, too!

Anyone for a shopping trip?

Stop, Drop and Pray... Then SHOP! we've got new wallpaper/paint to pick out today!

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