Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 6 ~ Chapter 44

In Chapter 44 Beth Moore says, "... any benefit missing in our lives is an indicator of a stronghold, an area of defeat."

She's referring to the 5 benefits of a covenant relationship with God, and Beth also helps to answer a question I was asked very early on in our study: What exactly is a stronghold?

The quote above adds more insight to the definition we discussed. It's easy to recognize a stronghold when we look at areas of defeat. How simple is that?

What strongholds are currently in your life?

What/Who is the desire of your heart?

Stop, Drop and Pray that you may be a witness today.


  1. The stronghold that I struggle with is getting caught up on financial gain and material things. I am working to put my mind on God with a quiet time each day as I get up and before I go to bed at night!

  2. That's an awesome goal, JBM! I will be praying for you as you implement this wonderful morning and evening routine.