Friday, June 4, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "Moving Along"

We are now moving on to Part 4 of our journey!

If you are still wrestling with Part 3, I understand. You can always leave comments on the blog and continue to let God work things out. There are people coming along behind you on this journey and some of them may even meet you there. Feel free to stay as long as needed. Feel free to keep e-mailing me and/or using the comments section of the blog to share your feelings about Part 3. Talking in a safe place is often a great medicine for what ails you.

For all of us, I think it will be good to revisit that section from time to time. There are some great tools and information for dealing with the continuous strongholds that make their way into our lives.

When you're ready to move on, I recommend saying a prayer about your journey in Part 3 and thanking God for what He has done. Let Him know you're ready and open to begin the "reconstruction era!"

If you need help with wording, try this prayer:

Father God, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Please forgive me of my sins and the nastiness I held in my heart all that time. You have searched me and revealed my anxious thoughts... my worries... thank You. You have made me aware of things I had no idea existed. I was blind to the lies satan was feeding me, but now I see... and the light of Your glory and grace fills me. Thank You! Please help me to move on past the hurting places and allow You to reconstruct the ruins.

Great!... Now... moving along...

I am listening to you and agree that we need to regroup.

This weekend, let's stay parked on Chapters 23-26. If you have not read these chapters, please take some time to do so this weekend (they're short). Then, come back on Monday and join in the discussion. If there is something you're ready to discuss... go ahead and leave comments. The blog is still open (and hopefully active with conversation) all weekend.

For those of you on the e-mail list, I'll be sending a revised schedule on Monday since we spent extra time on Part 3. If you have any comments on how the schedule would work best for you... please e-mail them to me by 2pm on Sunday.

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