Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Part 4 ~ Chapter 29

Today, I was bathed in truth as I read Chapter 29 which completes the list of 6 characteristics of rebellion.

While I think we can all identify with every aspect at one time or another, which one do you most identify with now (at this time in your life)?

For me it's #6. I have been running from the real answers (truth) to several big questions in the recent past. Now, you can chalk this up to a need for control (anybody?) or just plain ole disobedience (you, too?). Perhaps even fear? (Um... hmm!). I'm sure there are other reasons I didn't want to look at the truth that's been staring me in the face.

Regardless, there comes a time when you have to face the truth... even if it hurts.

The why/reason is what I had to give to God.

I am finding that actually bringing myself to face and accept the truth is the hard part. But, if I trust in God to handle the rest, there is peace instead of pain. Now, don't get me wrong... facing tough/scary/real situations is rarely completely peaceful and painless. Nobody said it would be easy; however, when I'm walking in truth and facing reality... God's presence flies over me like a dove and leaves me with the peace that passes understanding.

If I do my part (the letting go), God ALWAYS does His part (taking care of the rest)!

When I let go and let God, there is peace. The circumstances may still exist, but I am free from the bondage in which they once kept me. God carried the load and lifts it off my shoulders.

Sweet Mercy!!! Praise God for Liberty!!!

I would love to hear your answers to the study questions. Primarily, why do you think we run from the real answers?


  1. I think we run from God b/c we are afraid. If I really commit to God, being a full active Christian- how will that change my life? Can I do it? Am I good enough? Is it convenient? It is always so amazing everytime I fully open
    the door of my heart to God. I feel love, peace, security, and happiness. I do not know why I then shut it again once I feel better. I need to leave my heart open to the Lord.

  2. Guilty! Yes, afraid of being out of my comfort zone! That's my big one. I'm afraid that God will ask me to do something that I can't do.

    What I somehow fail to remember in those situations is that God is God and He will equip me for whatever He calls me to do! He's done it before and I know He can/will do it again... yet I STILL question Him at times. I think that's where satan comes in.

    The enemy knows just the right time (kick 'em when they're down) to walk in and encourage me to believe the lies I can dream up in my soul.

    Thanks JBM... I'm going to pray now... that God will help me to leave my heart open to Him while shutting the door on the devil.