Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shelly Says ~ "Peace Be With You "

The biggest thing I took away from our study today is that peace is a fruit of the spirit.

While I am familiar with Galatians 5:22-23, I often forget that peace is in that list.

When you and I received the Holy Spirit into our hearts, we received a very precious gift.

Peace dwells within us... even though we don't often feel such tranquility.

I wish you a peaceful day.


  1. Two things I loved about today: We cannot produce peace! How many times do I attempt to produce but ultimating am really blocking it?
    2. Love the river analogy. Life as a Christian is not boring or dull. My relationship with God needs constant renewal. Our ocean at the end of this is HEAVEN!!!

  2. Hey JBM,

    I love that thought... heaven is our ocean! I often seek the ocean when I am in need of renewal. There is something about the tide and the constant roar and the salty air and the exfoliating sand that just renews and refreshes me. My soul longs to be near.... just like heaven....

    Now, I might never think of either place quite the same ; )

  3. I liked when she said, 'you have to believe,bend the knee and learn to receive'. I can only remember two circumstances where I truly "bent the knee"- and that was when my best friend was getting a double lung transplant and I was stranded in a snowstorm far away from her and when my father died in the summer of 2000.Now these were big,big life-changing circumstances and I did receive Christ's peace and comfort. But I could receive Christ's peace in so many other less stressful situations if I would only remember to do those three things in all situations - believe, bend the knee and learn to receive.

  4. Hey Sue,

    You hit the nail on the head... it's a lot easier to call on God in the big things... but we often forget to rely on Him even for the everyday mundane things... ALL situations.

    You've given me a challenge... to depend on Him for EVERYTHING in every situation! Thank you!

  5. Just arrived at Chapter 5 which though I am behind from the group came at a perfect time in my life (God's timing is truly awesome). Was just in a very, very unpeaceful place and the stress of that was overwhelming I had feelings that shook me to the core. Then I heard a whisper that spoke to me "get in the Word". Christ''s peace washed over me and took the turmoil away like a leaf floating down the river.

  6. PRAISE GOD!!! Michelle, I am so glad to hear that you are experiencing God in His timing! What a blessed gift! Do not fret about "being behind the group." That is the beauty of an online bible study... you are free to move at your own pace. The words and comments will always be here.

    I am so glad that you are along with us on this journey. May the Holy Spirit continue to gently guide you along this peaceful journey... like a leaf floating down the river.... i love that visual! : )

    I am praying for you and I love you, girl!