Thursday, June 10, 2010

Part 4 ~ Chapter 30

"Your will, not mine, O God."

Do you purposely stay away from that prayer because you're scared of where God would take you and you're perfectly fine being just where you are?

Do you forget about walking in obedience to Christ while staying locked into your own path?

Do you purposely pray that prayer yet you don't really, honestly mean it?

Do you say the words but don't mean the action unless it fits in to what you've planned?

Do you pray that prayer, mean it, and live the abundant life?

Which option do you most resemble?

Which option would you like to resemble?

Which option will you resemble?

and mean it!

Experience freedom in Christ by yielding to the Holy Spirit.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is... there is freedom... free for all!


  1. She makes a very interesting and convicting point that we are not free until we surrender everything to God- all parts of our life.

  2. I agree, JBM. I know I'm guilty of surrendering parts and then thinking "I'm free."

    It's easier for me to surrender the parts I want to surrender. Then, I THINK I'm free and pleasing God by surrendering parts of my life to Him. I also believe that's just what satan would want... me to think I'm being "good" by surrendering a few things... then leaving the really destructive parts in my soul and spirit for continued damage.

    Thank you for that reminder and encouragement, JBM...

    I need to surrender all!