Saturday, June 12, 2010

Part 5 ~ Chapter 34 Part 2

After re-reading the chapter 4 times, I am still trying to discern the message God wants me to take away from this part and/or what I'm specifically supposed to learn.

Do you ever get the feeling that there is something you're missing? If you can relate, then you know how I feel about this chapter.

As a whole, the actual words make sense and there are obvious lessons to be learned. I cannot, however, get past the feeling that there is a nugget of truth or even a pot of gold for me to discover here, and I'm just not getting it.

Please forgive me for being disjointed with these posts on Chapter 34. I'm going to try and pick it all apart.

On page 197, Beth Moore says she used to struggle with the truth of the depths of God's love. She says, "We readily accept God's love for others but struggle with the belief that He loves us equally, radically, completely and unfailingly."

Beth goes on to say that she struggled with this because of her "own sins and weaknesses," and she focused on all the reasons He shouldn't love her.

Maybe this is my problem, too. I have often meditated (not purposely, mind you) on the reasons God shouldn't love me... why I'm "not good enough" to be God's child and how He must look at me because of my sin.

Looking at this now, I see the unhealthy thought patterns that have skewed my mind and emotions.

Maybe I should start with learning how to love myself and forgive myself? If I can look at myself the way God looks at me (based on truths, not what I think b/c of my sins), then perhaps I'll be able to accept the full scope of God's love for me.

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