Friday, June 11, 2010

Part 4 ~ Chapter 32

I could list so many quotes from this chapter... takeaways that are great reminders... but I might end up infringing on some copyright laws. : )

With all due respect to the publisher and writer of Breaking Free, I will refrain from quoting half the chapter here and just refer to several things that might encourage you to review your own copy... or go out and buy one to support Beth Moore's ministry.

In this chapter, we are reminded that we are not perfect (neither are we expected to be, thank God), but in God, we are being perfected into the image and likeness of Christ. I will hold onto the five "daily treasures" on pages 188-189. These are things to remember as you walk with God: He provides new mercies every morning.

I'm like Beth lighting her own fire: I tend to depend on my own flint to start my own fire, which provides flames for my own torch and attempt to blaze my own path (in reference to her story on the bottom of page 190).

I have to remember to look to/for God DAILY and depend on Him ALWAYS.

I do pretty good on a lot of days, but there are so many others on which you'll find me furiously searching to create my own spark.

On the journey, please remind me to look for the Divine Spark within and also point to this post and this chapter! ; )

When my torch goes out and I'm exhausted, PRAISE GOD "no matter how long the detour has been, the return is only a shortcut away" (Beth Moore).

Stop, Drop and Pray... put out your own torch and carry The Eternal Flame in your heart. It's the only thing you need today.


  1. Lvoed the footprint analogy and ending quote! Reminds of the song- Who shall I fear, Who shall I fear?, I am Yours!! I am Yours!

  2. oooohhhhh... Holy Goose bumps! Yes, LOOOOVE that song!

    Who am I? I am YOURS! Rock on !