Friday, June 11, 2010

Part 5 ~ Chapter 33

Love, Love, Love

It's the Greatest Commandment, all we need, what we long for. Right?

As we turn the page to another chapter, we also begin Part 5 of our journey today!

Do you find it ironic that our earthly parents and caretakers are constantly, lovingly pushing us away from our temporal home while our Heavenly Parent constantly, lovingly pulls us towards our eternal home?

This irony struck me as I read the words of the child psychologist Beth quotes on page 194 of our study: "If the bond we had with them as infants did not change, we would never be able to let them go" (referring to a parent/caretaker's relationship with their teenagers).

Switching gears completely now...

I am reading a fiction book right now from the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Now, if you know me well, then you probably know that I rarely read fiction. I'm actually a non-fiction kinda girl. Fiction has to be really good to draw me in and keep me reading. So, long story short... this is a REALLY good series of stories. Very inspirational.

Just last night, the fictional prayer group in the series gathered for a meeting and they quoted, from Psalms, the "His love endures forever" passage. They went on to shout woes and trials, praise and glory, requests and answers... but they followed them all with the same line...

His love endures forever!

No matter what happens in life... know that He is faithful and His love endures forever. There is nothing, no one like God! He is our Rock, Salvation, Every Present Hope, Mighty Warrior, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Holy One, Emmanuel - God With Us!

This passage means so much to me because it was "played out" another time in my life. I was chaperoning a youth group last summer when about 30 African children showed up to sing to us. What a blessing! It would take quite a bit of writing, then reading on your part, to describe the amazing event. Just please know it was real special.

At one point in their presentation, the microphone was passed from child to child as they spoke words of praise to God... then followed it with...

"His love endures forever!"

No matter what's going on in your life, no matter who has betrayed you, no matter the circumstance...

His love endures forever!

Sweet Mercy! AGAPE!!! ; )


  1. I just keeping singing- His love endures forever, His love endures forever, forever, forever!

    This spoke to me b/c I have a child who is getting ready to start school. It can be tough parenting a child of this age who is trying out all kind of new behaviors, some good, some bad. The psychologist quote really hit home and gave me some perspective. She is ready for school, and so am I!

  2. Wonderful news! Thanks, JBM!